Career Day with Betsy Hildebrand

MARYVILLE, Mo. – Searching for internships, applying for jobs, and taking the next step into the big, bad “real world” can all be scary and intimidating especially when you don’t know where to start. Northwest Missouri State University’s Betsy Hildebrand took on the challenge when Northwest held Career Day on March 11, 2014.

Career Day was hosted in Bearcat Arena and held many opportunities for students of all majors. Hildebrand is a junior at Northwest and was interested in pursuing an internship, a requirement for the Public Relations major.

“Walking into the event I was excited to see what companies were there and what opportunities they all had. There was a large variety to choose from and everyone was so nice if you had questions about their booth or company,” said Hildebrand.

Career Day had over 100 attending organizations that targeted students looking for internships, employment, or even furthering their education into graduate school. It was requested that students attending the event dressed professionally and had copies of their resumes available to hand out to employers. 

“I think I got a lot out of Career Day. I was able to hand out my information to a few people and do a little networking. I was super glad that I went and highly recommend everyone to attend at the next one,” Hildebrand said.

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Kristina Hagan- On Campus Internship Spotlight

Did you know there is an internship on campus that is focused particularly around social media? Northwest Missouri State University student, Kristina Hagan along with two other students, nailed this great internship opportunity this spring semester.

This semester Hagan and her coworkers have been working eight hours a week at the University Affairs Office working on Northwest’s social media websites. Hagan updates the websites with upcoming events and information for Northwest students.

“I usually check the Northwest calendar to get ideas about upcoming events to tweet about,” Hagan said. “I also answer questions on our Facebook account and pin ideas on our Pinterest boards. Basically anything to do with social media is what I help with.”

Hagan along with many students in the Communication and Mass Media Department need an internship to graduate. Summer internships are always a popular choice but who knew you could complete those credits during the school year right on campus? University Affairs looks for three Social Media Interns each semester to work on their social media sites.

“After taking social media strategies I thought I would be well qualified for this job,” said Hagan. “One of my friends told me about it and so I applied!”

If you are currently looking for an internship check out how Career Services can help you. Career Services is located in the Administration Building.

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Student Spotlight: Mallory Daugherty

Daugherty PicMARYVILLE, Mo- Being the president of an organization is a responsibility that comes with a lot of hard work, time dedicated to the organization, and commitment shown to keep the organization running smoothly. Northwest Missouri State University’s Mallory Daugherty has all of these qualities and more that make her an excellent president for the Student Activities Council on campus.

Daugherty is a junior at Northwest studying communications which has helped her a lot with her role as President of SAC.  Coming into Northwest Daugherty didn’t know that she wanted to be a communications major but after her internship with Atlantic Area Chamber of Commerce in Atlantic, Iowa the event planning aspect of the job really helped make the decision.

“Taking communication classes has prepared me for the tasks that I have to do as president. I have to build relationships and communicate with people not only from our campus but other places as well. The skills that I have been taught in classes have helped make that possible.” Daugherty thinks while all the classes she has taken have given her useful skills for her future but Organizational Communication has helped her a lot with being the leader of an organization.

Building relationships is not the only thing that the President of SAC has to do. Leading team meetings, solving problems, and making sure events run smoothly are just a few more of the responsibilities held in this position.

“It takes a lot of effort, but it is all worth it in the end,” says Daugherty. With the hard work that gets put in, there also gets to be some good things taken from the experience. Recently, Daugherty got to go to Boston, Massachusetts to attend the National Activities Conference where she witnessed potential performers for the SAC organization to bring to Northwest. This allowed her to build relationships and see some great talent.

After getting her Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations, Daugherty plans to further her education here at Northwest through the Master’s Program. After receiving her MBA, Daugherty hopes to continue in organizational leadership and event planning.

Internship Spotlight: Brookyln Summerville


MARYVILLE, Mo. – Editing commercial clips, organizing contest winners, and promoting one of the most popular radio stations in Kansas City was the way Brooklyn Summerville spent her past summer. Northwest Missouri State University student Brooklyn Summerville applied what she learned in the classroom to her internship at Mix 93.3 radio station.

Summerville worked as an intern for a Kansas City radio station, Mix 93.3. Summerville was able to get hands on experience in the communication and mass media field. Summerville helped set up promotions for concert events, learned how to cut and edit commercial clips, assisted with contests, and helped with event preparations.

“My favorite part of my internship was planning meet-and-greets for our listeners. It gave me a sense of power that I feel like most interns do not get to experience,” said Summerville, sophomore multimedia journalism major.

Summerville’s mom is the one who informed her about Mix 93.3’s internship opportunities. Her mom saw the radio station advertise on their social media sites that they were looking for interns. Summerville did some research online about the internship and found it really easy to apply for.

“Steve Serrano, intern coordinator and nighttime host, also went to Northwest. Steve likes to see Northwest students apply for the internships,” Summerville said. “I would encourage other students to apply for this internship; it was such a great experience!”

Northwest’s multimedia journalism program gives students the opportunity to get experience in a lot of different areas of interest. The students in the program get experience with reporting, broadcasting, photography, and social media.

“Northwest provided me with the right resources to become diverse in the journalism world. If Mix 93.3 needed a photographer I was able to jump on the task because I had background from classes that I have taken at Northwest,” Summerville said.

To learn more about Mix 93.3 internships visit their website at

If you are currently looking for an internship to check out, Career Services “How to Find an Internship” from 1-2 p.m. on March 4 in Meeting Room A of the Union.

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Course Spotlight: Broadcast Operations




Instructor Will Murphy teaches Broadcast Operations, also known as “Broad Op”, which is a hands-on class that utilizes the production and television studios in Wells Hall. Students learn about the history and development of radio and television broadcast production in the classroom as well as the skills, components, and careers that are inherent to modern broadcasting and later put it all to use as they voice their own radio station air check recording, edit a radio commercial, produce a five-minute in-class talk show and then work as part of a crew on a professional-level, 30-minute talk show that can air on KNWT television in Maryville.

What the Instructor Says…

“I love that students are able to get hands-on so quickly in this course.  In most majors, a student will have to take semesters or even years of theoretical classes before getting to practice their craft in a professional environment. In Broad Op, we can condense that to a number of weeks.”

– Will Murphy, instructor from West Des Moines, Iowa, working his tenth year at Northwest

What the Students Say…

“My favorite thing about the class is that you get to be hands on and actually work with the equipment you are learning about. You also work a lot with the people in your class and it is exciting for us to be involved in each other’s learning process.”

– Tassi Cook, interactive digital media major from Pleasantville, Iowa.

Club Spotlight: DigEM

MARYVILLE, Mo. – There are countless student organizations on the campus of Northwest Missouri State University, but there is one that stands out prominently in the ever-so-increasing world of digital media.

Based out of the Department of Communication and Mass Media, DigEM, standing for Digital Electronic Media, is a club specifically for interactive digital media, broadcasting, advertising, graphic design and computer science majors. DigEM is a place where creative and technical students come together to interact with professionals from prospective industries to help them network and learn from firsthand testimonials. In addition, members learn about upcoming trends in digital electronic media and how they should prepare for their professional careers after Northwest.

Cameron Ramaekers is a fourth-year member of DigEM and is currently serving his second term as president of the organization.

“The biggest benefit is just feeling comfortable with what you are going to do after graduation,” Ramaekers said. “I have a good idea about what I want to do next and have made contacts in my four years in DigEM that will help me beyond Northwest. Also, those networking skills will always be useful.”

Ramaekers also believes the campus support at Northwest is enlightening and irreplaceable.

“The faculty in the Department of Communication and Mass Media are very supportive with this club by helping us connect to those businesses they know or have connections at,” Ramaekers explained. “They also get the word out in their classes and around the buildings to help get students to our meetings.”

DigEM meetings are held at 6 p.m. on the first Thursday of every month in Colden Hall 3500 and the club is always accepting new members.

“I encourage you to just come to one meeting and see what you think. You probably have a chance to meet someone who can help you get a job after graduation,” Ramaekers said.

In the upcoming trimesters, the club plans to have representatives visit from some of the best advertising and marketing agencies such as VML, Bernstein-Rein, Barkley, Bozell and many more.

For more information, contact Cameron at or visit DigEM’s Facebook page at

Internship Spotlight: Mackenzie Magwire

MARYVILLE, Mo. – Last summer, Northwest Missouri State University student Mackenzie Magwire learned that working for a non-profit organization provides unimaginable satisfaction while donating your time and constant effort to help others.

This summer, Magwire worked as an intern for the Kansas chapter of March of Dimes. March of Dimes is a non-profit organization whose mission is to help mothers around the country have full-term pregnancies and research problems that threaten the health of their infants. Along with holding a countless amount of awareness events, the Kansas chapter also awards grants to local organizations to meet the urgent needs of families within their communities.

Magwire was able to work directly with the special events team in planning and conducting one of the chapter’s most popular events of the summer.

“My favorite part about this internship was getting to work the Bikers for Babies event,” Magwire, junior public relations major from Kansas City, Mo., said. “I enjoyed seeing all of the hard work I put in come together.”

Mackenzie learned of this internship opportunity by networking with a family friend, but insists that without the knowledge she has gained from the department, the internship experience would have been entirely different.

“Here at Northwest, I learned how to work an auction, make mail mergers and increased my communication skills which helped when I was seeking donations” Magwire said. “Specifically, the communication department prepared me for this experience by helping me be organized and ready for anything that I’m asked to do.”

To learn more about the March of Dimes visit their Twitter page, @marchofdimes, or view their website at

If you are currently looking for an internship, be sure to check out Career Services’ “How to Find an Internship” from 1-2 p.m. on December 3 in Meeting Room A of the Union.

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