Experience of a lifetime at KC P&L

Kenzi Hoyle is a senior Public Relations major who recently had an internship with the Kansas City Power and Light District as the Marketing Coordinator Intern. Her internship took place last summer from May until August. Kenzi spent a lot of time researching different places that she might possibly like to intern with and that is how she discovered this opportunity. After working for a summer with the company there are many things she gained from the experience, as well as a few things she wished she would have known beforehand.

Going into the experience she said that she wished she would have known more about computer programs she was asked to use, for example PhotoShop. She said she picked up on it throughout the summer but knowing how to work these kinds of programs beforehand would have made things a little easier. However her favorite part of the internship was learning about her own ability to do new things and learning about everything that goes on behind the scenes of making events happen. She also made many new connections with people in the field that she feels will be beneficial when it comes time for her job search. The most beneficial part of it all was “learning to focus on the next three months and not just what is happening now.” The internship taught her to plan for her future and take initiative to accomplish the goals she has for herself.

Kenzi feels that being in the communication department really helped because of all the hands-on experience we get in our classes. She also would like to specifically thank Dr. Daggs and Dr. Walker for helping her gain this experience and helping her “pave the way” for her future! Her tips to any students interested in this internship are to be professional, prepared, and ready for the unexpected. It is any experience she would highly recommend to students searching for an internship, especially one dealing with event planning. After graduation Kenzi hopes to acquire a job as an event or marketing coordinator.

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