PRomo Spotlight

MARYVILLE, Mo.- Making brochures, writing press releases, updating social media, and planning events is how some Northwest Missouri State University students spent their semester. At Northwest the Communication and Mass Media department provides students with real world experience with the PRomo course.

Three years ago, with the help from Dr. Dave Shadinger, the department revamped the PRomo experience to make it more beneficial for students and their clients. The class is broken into teams with one student being the team leader. Students can take the class two times, once being a team member and then the second time as a team Leader.

“The course isn’t required anymore but it’s a valuable experience,” said Dr. Joy Daggs, Communications professor. “PRomo is a way to give students hands on experience outside of a classroom where they have to create and learn their own deadlines and time management skills.”

Students can enroll into PRomo any semester but the department suggests for students to enroll after taking Public Relation Techniques. Public Relation Techniques will give students experience with creating brochures, writing for social media, and with writing press releases which will help develop proper skills to prepare students for PRomo.

PRomo gives students a low risk client experience. All of the clients that PRomo works with are on campus and no money is involved in the course. It allows students to take real work experience to their internship experiences.

“Students who participate in PRomo are more marketable for jobs and internships,” said Daggs. “We have PRomo students who have internships with Power and Light District, Starlight Theater, and the Glow Run.”

This past semester students enrolled in the PRomo class worked with the MS walk, Emergency Disaster Management, the Wellness Center, Speaking Bearcats, the Talent Development Center, Northwest Missourian, and the Communication and Mass Media Department’s social media sites.

If you would like to learn more about PRomo contact Dr. Dave Shadinger or Dr. Joy Daggs.

For more information regarding the Department of Communication and Mass Media and how it can help you find an internship or prepare you for one, contact Matt Walker at



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