CoMM Alum Jackie Runde



MARYVILLE, Mo. -After graduating college we are expected to take the next step and jump right into the work force. Northwest Missouri State University Communication and Mass Media Department Alumni member Jackie Runde tells us how she is doing since life after graduation.

Runde is the Marketing and Public Relations Coordinator for NorthwestCell located in Maryville, Missouri. “I graduated as an IDM:New Media major in Spring 2012 and really enjoyed my time at Northwest. I met a lot of great people and had good experiences that prepared me for the future,” Runde said.

Runde graduated from Northeast Nodaway High School in 2008 and started attending Northwest in the fall. “I chose Northwest because it was close to home and I had been familiar with the campus and liked it. The appeal of the textbook rentals and laptop computers were also an added bonus. Once I started taking classes I enjoyed that the amount of students in each class was smaller and I felt like I learned more,” said Runde.

After graduation Runde started at NorthwestCell as a Customer Service Representative. Working with customers and helping them with problems or questions was just part of why she enjoyed this position.

“I really liked working with those who came in, but I really wanted to get a job that would use my degree. When the Marketing and Public Relations position became available I applied right away. I was really excited to start my first job that would relate to what I learned during my four years at Northwest.” Runde said she not only enjoys creating ads and working with the public but she also likes the event planning part of her job.

“If I had once piece of advice to give those who are about to graduate I would reassure them that even if the search gets frustrating not to get down about the situation.”                    


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