Course Spotlight: Broadcast Operations




Instructor Will Murphy teaches Broadcast Operations, also known as “Broad Op”, which is a hands-on class that utilizes the production and television studios in Wells Hall. Students learn about the history and development of radio and television broadcast production in the classroom as well as the skills, components, and careers that are inherent to modern broadcasting and later put it all to use as they voice their own radio station air check recording, edit a radio commercial, produce a five-minute in-class talk show and then work as part of a crew on a professional-level, 30-minute talk show that can air on KNWT television in Maryville.

What the Instructor Says…

“I love that students are able to get hands-on so quickly in this course.  In most majors, a student will have to take semesters or even years of theoretical classes before getting to practice their craft in a professional environment. In Broad Op, we can condense that to a number of weeks.”

– Will Murphy, instructor from West Des Moines, Iowa, working his tenth year at Northwest

What the Students Say…

“My favorite thing about the class is that you get to be hands on and actually work with the equipment you are learning about. You also work a lot with the people in your class and it is exciting for us to be involved in each other’s learning process.”

– Tassi Cook, interactive digital media major from Pleasantville, Iowa.


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