Club Spotlight: DigEM

MARYVILLE, Mo. – There are countless student organizations on the campus of Northwest Missouri State University, but there is one that stands out prominently in the ever-so-increasing world of digital media.

Based out of the Department of Communication and Mass Media, DigEM, standing for Digital Electronic Media, is a club specifically for interactive digital media, broadcasting, advertising, graphic design and computer science majors. DigEM is a place where creative and technical students come together to interact with professionals from prospective industries to help them network and learn from firsthand testimonials. In addition, members learn about upcoming trends in digital electronic media and how they should prepare for their professional careers after Northwest.

Cameron Ramaekers is a fourth-year member of DigEM and is currently serving his second term as president of the organization.

“The biggest benefit is just feeling comfortable with what you are going to do after graduation,” Ramaekers said. “I have a good idea about what I want to do next and have made contacts in my four years in DigEM that will help me beyond Northwest. Also, those networking skills will always be useful.”

Ramaekers also believes the campus support at Northwest is enlightening and irreplaceable.

“The faculty in the Department of Communication and Mass Media are very supportive with this club by helping us connect to those businesses they know or have connections at,” Ramaekers explained. “They also get the word out in their classes and around the buildings to help get students to our meetings.”

DigEM meetings are held at 6 p.m. on the first Thursday of every month in Colden Hall 3500 and the club is always accepting new members.

“I encourage you to just come to one meeting and see what you think. You probably have a chance to meet someone who can help you get a job after graduation,” Ramaekers said.

In the upcoming trimesters, the club plans to have representatives visit from some of the best advertising and marketing agencies such as VML, Bernstein-Rein, Barkley, Bozell and many more.

For more information, contact Cameron at or visit DigEM’s Facebook page at


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