Course Spotlight: Media Advertising


Above: Lily Gibbens, a senior public relations major from Kansas City, Mo., uses a Standard Rate and Data Service book during class in the library to conduct research for her media plan.


Instructor Jacquie Lamer teaches Introduction to Media Advertising. In the class, students are given a budget and a client and are expected to use the library’s Standard Rate and Data Service books as well as media kits to make tactical decisions about advertisement placements. Much of the class time is spent working on the project and the end result is a professional, nearly 50-page media plan. Students commonly use these projects within job interviews and as key portfolio pieces.

What the Instructor Says…

“What we’re doing is learning how ads are sold in different media types, but we’re also learning how to make business decisions. I’m not so sure that they love it as much as I do, but once the assignment is over, they usually feel pretty good about it!”

– Jacquie Lamer, an instructor from Kansas City, Mo. teaching for her thirteenth year at Northwest

What the Students Say…

“I am enjoying this class because it’s about a topic I’ve never learned about before and we’re using new tools. The combination of a realistic, client-based situation and exposure to these resources are preparing us for the future in a relative field.”

– Kylie Niichel, senior public relations major from Lee’s Summit, Mo.

For more information about Introduction to Media Advertising or when it is offered, email Jacquie Lamer at or ask your advisor. 


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