Internship Spotlight: Taylor Polacek

MARYVILLE, Mo. – Father-daughter dances, refreshments and bouquet tosses are just a few of the typical aspects at a wedding reception. For Northwest Missouri State University student Taylor Polacek, this summer’s weddings meant open doors and opportunities.

This summer, Polacek interned for Signal 88 Security in Omaha, Neb. Signal 88 is a security company with more than 100 different franchises across the nation that strives to establish a higher standard of professionalism within their industry. Polacek stumbled upon this opportunity after attending a wedding reception where the company’s CEO, Reed Nyffeler, was present.

“I talked with Reed about my goals,” Polacek said. “He gave me his contact information and I applied for the internship in February of 2013.”

Polacek worked in the marketing department, but was also able to contribute to the company through many different facets of advertising and public relations. She claims that without her experience in the Department of Communication and Mass Media, she would have been less prepared for the internship.

“The communication department prepared me by strengthening my writing skills and teaching me about target audiences,” Polacek, public relations major from Omaha, Neb., said. “I gained a lot of ideas and utilized concepts from the Small Group Communication and Professional Media Writing courses that are offered.”

To learn more about Signal 88 Security, visit their Twitter page at @s88security or

If you are currently looking for an internship, be sure to check out Career Services’ “How to Find an Internship” from 1-2 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 12 in Meeting Room A of the Student Union.

For more information regarding the Department of Communication and Mass Media and how it can help you find an internship or prepare you for one, contact Department Chair Matt Walker at


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