Curious about ECHO?

MARYVILLE, Mo. – As one of the many on-campus organizations at Northwest Missouri State University, ECHO is a club that specifically serves students within the Department of Communication and Mass Media. With a focus of preparing students to enter a variety of professional communication fields after graduation, ECHO members open themselves up for networking opportunities while perfecting their communication skills.

Upcoming events include helping organize and sponsor Walk MS and attending #PRSSAKC Summit, a networking event featuring public relations keynote speakers from the Kansas City area. ECHO President Rachel Kakareka is currently in her second term and has also previously served as the fundraising chair.

“The benefits of joining ECHO are seeing success at events, such as the #PRSSAKC Summit, in and around Kansas City and Omaha,” Kakareka, public relations major from Schaumburg, Ill., said. “Speakers are also brought in for meetings which are available for all members to attend.”

Along with the benefits of joining ECHO, Kakareka recounted how the Department of Communication and Mass Media has helped her prepare to lead this organization.

“The many different types of group assignments I have been a part of while in the communications department have helped me to develop my teamwork and leadership skills,” Kakareka said.

Meetings are held at 6 p.m. on the third Thursday each month in Wells Hall 112. ECHO is currently accepting new members.


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