Initial Music Press- Matthew Leimkuehler

Northwest Missouri State University senior Matthew Leimkuehler, with the help of a friend, launched his own music website – Initial Music Press.

The idea was conceptualized nearly a year ago but came into full swing in January. Employing the pitch “eliminating the barrier between artist and fan,” their goal is to create music industry transparency by bringing fans honest coverage of an array of artists.  They provide an artist of the month package that covers larger, national acts as well as unsigned artist of the week packages for more local artists.

“I started this because I love music, plain and simple – both covering and sharing it,” Leimkuehler, a mass media major from Marshall, said. “Why not create a medium to artistically express my love for this industry? It also makes for one hell of a portfolio piece.”

Leimkuehler credits his education for the ability to create this website.

“You can’t teach dedication or creative thinking, but you can influence and feed it,” Leimkuehler said. “The classes within my department have done that. From learning the basics of reporting to video production to web development, everything I have learned in the classroom helps make this site the best it possibly can be. Their support and guidance I’ve received from my professors is bar none; it’s something I never would have gotten at a larger school.”

For more information, visit the website at



By: Taylor Neff


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