New Internship for Spring

Maryville, MO- As spring semester classes begin to wind down, the St. Joseph Mustangs baseball team is winding up for the pitch. With more than 40 games scheduled on their 2013 seasonal calendar, internships are both necessary and highly valued. Junior Megan Caswell earned a summer internship position of public relation with this championship title-earning team for earning a summer internship position with this championship title-earning team.

“I actually did not apply for the internship at all,” Caswell said. “I attended Career Day and talked to the Director of Sales about interning over the summer, and they seemed like they wanted me to work for them. I got a business card and sent them my resume, and they said they wanted me to intern over the summer.”

Many of the communication degree programs offered by Northwest require three credit hours fulfilled through an internship. To receive these three hours, a student must fill out the necessary paperwork for internship approval, and also turn in 120 hours of documented service. In addition to that, the student submits weekly writing assignments, providing the latest updates about their experiences. As an intern for the Mustangs, Caswell will have no problems finding topics for her weekly assignments.

“They have several areas in management, and how the stadium operates, and you get to experience each of these areas over the whole summer. I think that I am most excited to work in promotions and the different areas of management,” Caswell said.

A position for a public relations intern for the St. Joseph Mustangs is still available on their website. This intern would be responsible for relaying information between the game and the stadium to the local press, community, and radio. They would also be responsible for updating and organizing the team’s online media content. To apply for this position, go online at to learn more about their summer opportunities. 


By Hollie Smith


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