Changing Courses

Northwest Missouri State University’s Department of Communication recognizes that quality should not only be promoted within the freshman class, but should also be emphasized to graduating seniors. This continual commitment to educational success has lead to the creation of a new graduation requirement for upperclassmen- the Senior Capstone. This new Capstone course will soon take the place of Senior Seminar.
“This is the direction that we are headed with the department,” explained public relations professor Dr. David Shadinger. “We are looking at phasing out senior seminar, depending on the catalog that you started with. Freshmen will be locked into Senior Capstone with the newest catalog.”
Senior Capstone will be a well-rounded finale to four years of dedicated studies. In this course, the semester will be devoted to partnering with a real community client. A communications plan will be developed for this client by individual teams within the class. Clients from years past have included the Northwest Missouri Community Foundation as well as the Salvation Army. These plans call into action all of the experience, education, and innovation that students have acquired through the communication degree programs.
“Senior Capstone allowed us to utilize all the public relations skills we had learned in all our classes, specifically PR Techniques, PR Problems and Cases, and Public Speaking,” described Kate Bridges, a senior public relations major from Albany, MO. “All our classes where we learn about the importance of communication to clients, how to write PR plans and media kits; all these lessons served us well in Capstone.”
For those who are interested learning more about the Senior Capstone course, please contact Communication and Mass Media department chair Dr. Matt Walker at, or by phone at 660-562-1173
Story by Hollie SmithImage

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