Internship at University Wellness Services!

Caleb Volmer, senior Public Relations major at Northwest Missouri State University, served as the University Wellness Services, housed in the Wellness Center, marketing and public relations intern during the fall 2012 trimester.

Wellness Services consists of student medical facilities, the Personal Development and Counseling Services and additional health offices. Volmer’s duties consisted of promoting on-campus events, facilitating social media websites, designing flyers, invitations and handouts and helping produce in-house newsletters. He also sought local sponsorship for their largest event, the Stress Less Fest.

Volmer acknowledges the peer-to-peer advantages of choosing an on-campus internship at Northwest.

“Being on-campus, you get to interact with people your own age,” Volmer, from Odessa, said. “Your target audience is also your age so you recognize what the appropriate promotion strategies will be.”

Volmer supports the Department of Communication and Mass Media and encourages students to gear optional course choices toward their major.

“If you’re creative and, like writing and communicating, public relations is the major for you,” Volmer said. “Take extra writing and computer design classes as electives – they help in the long run.”

For more information about Wellness Center internships or other Wellness Services, please visit


By: Taylor Neff


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