Internship with University Relations- Photos to come! :)

When it comes to putting experience to work, nobody knows it better than junior Logan Compton. An applied advertising major from Macon, MO, Compton was able to utilize what he learned from a variety of courses to secure his current position now in University Relations.
During his time at Northwest, Compton explored many different aspects of mass communication, having studied broadcasting at that time. He became involved at KXCV-KRNW, a National Public Radio (NPR) station based out of Wells Hall. Compton hosted music programs during his time, such as “Rhythm and Roots” – a musical compilation of the blues, old-time country and bluegrass. In addition to taking over the regional airwaves, he also began to take on television production.
The combination of his experiences, combined with changing his major, would make an ordinary person feel unsure about their future in the field. However, Compton is now a video producer for University Relations. His multiple experiences in a variety of communication fields made him a well-rounded applicant, and provided more opportunities than one may have originally thought possible.
If you have ever considered changing your major, remember that you can always make your field experience an asset. Do not be afraid to try something new. Instead, embrace the challenge, and use new learning opportunities to your advantage. If you are considering a career in the field of communication, the faculty and student organizations of Wells Hall invite you to come by and learn how a degree in communication can work for you. 
BY Hollie Smith

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