An Internship to Remember

Intern Credits Northwest for Career Opportunities

            Philip Gruenwald, a public relations major and rising professional from St. Louis, MO., is a man who knows how to create opportunity. Aside from his campus involvement in mass communication for The Northwest Missourian and summer internship with the Missouri State Fair, Gruenwald suggests that experience alone is not enough, but experience coupled with ambition, motivation, and willingness to learn is what may set oneself apart in the interview; as well as other skills that came to him through his experience with the Communication Department at Northwest.

            “I had taken a lot of PR courses prior to my internship,” Gruenwald explained. “I took PR techniques, and Intro to Professional Media Writing. Problems and Cases was really helpful because it helped me to see the big picture, and understand how my actions fit in to what the marketing office was trying to accomplish. I’ve also had experience with the Northwest Missourian, which was hugely helpful when writing the news releases.”

            In addition to the coursework provided through Northwest Missouri State’s Public Relations degree program, Gruenwald also suggests taking advantage of Career Services, as well as creating networking opportunities by asking questions and building a dynamic with guest speakers. For more information about public relations and marketing education, please visit Northwest Missouri State’s Booth College of Business and Professional Studies at

            By Hollie Smith


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