Lindsey Rheuport internship

                Lindsey Rheuport, a student here at Northwest, worked with an internship over the summer. The internship was a position at Teach and Learn Experientially, EarthWorks and Exhange City, a non-profit organization in Kansas City that focuses on hands on learning for children.

                Lindsey has always wanted to work in the non-profit field and thought that this internship would be the best way to get her foot in the door and also learn more about the world of non-profit organizations. She had a family friend who talked about the idea of an internship to the CEO of the organization. Since then organization had never had an intern before, the CEO loved the idea, and Lindsey soon had a phone interview with her to talk about what they both wanted out of the internship position.

                The internship was from June 2012, to August 2012. And at the end of the internship, Lindsey was offered a full-time position when she graduates in December of 2012. “I learned so much from my internship.” She found out what it was like to have passion from your work. The people she worked with have so much passion for their job and the organization as a while. She also learned that is so important to learn so much. The hardest part about the internship was knowing what kind of responsibility she had. She had worked before, but this was a bigger company and she was meeting with extremely important people and knew she had to do all of this when she had only be working there for 2 weeks.

                Lindsey’s favorite part of working at the organization was loving where she was. “The programs they run are so important to children across the Kansas City area and I was able to see first-hand the changes that we were making on the children’s life.” Lindsey also said that waking up every morning and being excited to work is a pretty fantastic feeling.



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