Yearbook spotlight

Working on the yearbook staff for Northwest provides many growing experiences and pushes students to think outside of the box creatively. Taylor Neff, the managing design editor, is responsible for the design elements such as type, graphics, and colors. She explained that being on the yearbook staff is helping her build both her leadership and creative skills. Taylor is minoring in advertising and hopes to pursue a job at an agency after graduation. Working for the yearbook is helping her gain an in-depth understanding of design programs and communicate with printing companies.

The yearbook staff meets two hours a week, as well as on Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons. Dues are not required to be on the yearbook staff; rather, students are paid a certain amount by the university depending on their position, which is specified in a contract signed upon hiring.

The Fall semester, as Taylor mentioned, is the busier time of the year for them. There are two major deadlines in the fall consisting of around 90 pages, which is their largest deadline of the year. The other major responsibility in the fall is covering Homecoming events. With the fall season being a very eventful time for a college campus, it makes a good amount of work for those who are recording those memories as well.

All in all, being on the yearbook staff is a lot of hard work and responsibility, yet the benefits are unending. An experience with leadership roles and creativity is unavoidable and would be helpful for many students and many different majors

To find out more about Tower Yearbook, please contact Kari Kolts or find them on Facebook at


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