AdInk spotlight

AdInk is an advertising club at Northwest. It is made up of students with many different majors, including Advertising, Marketing, Interactive Digital Media, Broadcasting, Public Relations, and Applied Advertising. They provide students with great networking and learning opportunities through their bus trip to the American Advertising Federation; Kansas City Career Day each year and their event, Off Broadway. They also provide opportunities to learn or teach other students about anything that the group wants to focus on, such as the “Brand Yo’self” presentation at Career Day this year. It was the first student presentation ever at the event, and it was something that became an idea and was created at the AdInk meetings.

Fred and Jacquie Lamer started AdInk together in 2001. At the time, the advertising major was still pretty new, and at that time there was just one major and no minor. So, they thought it was ready for a club. Lisa Bishop took over Fred’s role as co-advisor in 2010. Erin Funk, an online promoter for AdInk, wanted to be a part of it because of the great events that they put on each year. She wanted to be involved in putting together both the bus to Career Day, and Off Broadway. She also had older friends who were involved and told me about the positives of networking and creating relationships with the professionals. “Jacquie Lamar was the reason I got involved. She was always making announcements of the upcoming activities and she made the group sound like a great way to learn more about my future field”, said Erin.

AdInk is a fairly laid back group. So if students are interested in getting involved, all they need to do is start coming to the meetings and hanging out with them. They meet every Thursday at four, and this year it is in the Union Living Room, right in front of the Student Affairs office. Another easy way to stay involved if a student is busy during the specific meeting time, is to follow the Facebook and Twitter pages, (NWAdInk), because they are always posting updates and important information.

AdInk benefits students because they center everything on what the group wants to do. It is truly endless possibilities and potential for a student who has ideas. It also benefits students because they have a lot of interaction with professionals. Through their two major events, they network and get to know Kansas City professionals, which is great for students looking to make connections.

Off Broadway is an annual day trip to Kansas City where students are able to tour multiple advertising agencies like Barkley and other companies relevant to our studies like Hallmark, and also get to listen to special guest speakers at the lunch. This event is coming up January 31st, and the sign up meeting is January 24th at 4 in the Station Center Room.  And for more information about the group, and the events, go to AdInk’s website,



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