Amber Webster Internship

            Amber Webster, a student here at Northwest, has been working with an internship throughout this semester. The internship was with the B.D. Owens Library here on campus and consisted of making posters and banners for the library and some organizations on campus.

            Amber wanted to find an internship on Northwest’s campus mainly because of being from a small rural community; it was difficult to find an internship close by. She chose this internship because of her love for making posters and being creative. The internship also helped her with her Adobe skills as well as many other skills. She heard about it through the DigEm Facebook group, and thought it might be something that she would like to do. She found out more information about it, and then later applied for the internship through Lori Mardis.

            She has been working with the internship throughout the semester, and just recently finished up. “I’m definitely sad about the internship coming to an end, but I have learned from it a lot”, said Amber. She learned a lot of new things about the Adobe Creative Suite that she didn’t know before. It also helped her with her communication skills to coworkers, and her boss.

            This internship is just one of many on campus. There is all kinds of information on Northwest’s Website. Be sure to check it out!


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