Erin Funk internship with Nodaway County Humane Society

Erin Funk is a current student here at Northwest, and this past spring, she began an internship here in town for the Nodaway Humane Society. She began this internship in April, and still currently works there. Originally, Erin was offered the internship for the summer, but when she was asked to continue during the year, she explained she was more than happy to accept the opportunity.

                The specific position Erin holds is the marketing intern and she holds a range of responsibilities. Some include monitoring the Humane Society’s social media, rebuilding the website, creating brochures, writing newsletters, and helping with events, such as “Strut Your Mutt.” As an added opportunity for experience, Erin also created new social media ideas for the company. She initiated “Mutt Monday” and “Feline Friday,” which introduces and spotlights a new pet each week on their Facebook page.

                Erin mentioned that she feels this internship is helping her prepare for the future by allowing her to use a variety of different skills. She has opportunities to write, design, work with websites and social media, advertise, and strengthen her skills with customer service.

                As for recommending this internship to a peer, Erin said that it is an excellent way to get involved in a non-profit organization, whether that is your interest or just something you are open to learning more about. Erin explained that working for a non-profit organization helped her work harder and allowed results to be more fulfilling.




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