KNWT Television Channel 8

KNWT is a student operated television station here at Northwest. It provides student-produced original programming to the campus and community surrounding Northwest Missouri State University and to the citizens of Maryville, Missouri. Also, their mascot is a penguin.

At the station, students produce, direct, and shoot shows as well as gain experience and knowledge in the broadcasting industry. The only requirements are to have completed the introduction to broadcast operations class. They shoot and broadcast the homecoming parade live every year, and try to be at as many events as they can. They participate in student media day every Thursday in the union. They also throw a flash rave every semester to celebrate finals. So mark your calendars.

KNWT is important because of the hands on leadership and production experience it gives our students. They are able to get involved their freshmen year and progress throughout their stay, whereas if they attended or transferred to another school they, would have to wait until their junior year to get involved. If you’re looking to gain experience for your major, KNWT is a perfect place to start. It’s also a great way to become more involved here at Northwest. They make sure to be a part of as much as they can on campus and being involved with the students here at Northwest. Make sure to check them out!

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