The Northwest Missourian

                The Northwest Missourian is a weekly publication with a growing daily presence online. It provides a valuable opportunity for Northwest students to enhance their undergraduate experience through education, training and hands-on application. It employs approximately 20 paid student journalists, photographers and designers. Its weekly production starts on Wednesday nights after the current issue is sent to the printer and published online. All of its editors gather for the weekly budget meeting where they discuss what’s happening on campus, and in the Maryville community, and stories and trends nationwide. From there, they plan what is going to be in the next week’s paper. Reporters are assigned stories and photos, and designers are assigned pages to design. All of the different sections and editors have meetings throughout the week to ensure that they all stay on the same page, and to make sure the paper is coming together as it should be. Tuesday’s are their long work nights. They stay in the newsroom until about 3 am putting together the paper and making sure it’s perfect.

                “It’s not tedious work for me. It’s hard because it takes up so much of my time and as editor there’s so much to constantly be thinking about,” said Editor-in-Chief, Trey Williams, a senior here at Northwest.  He considers working for The Missourian to be a full time job, which can be rough when he is also taking classes and works another part time job. He started working for the Missourian to just gain experience working for a newspaper and because he has a love for journalism.

The Missourian publishes 4,000 copies every Thursday from late August to late April. Newspapers are available free of charge at every residence hall and academic building on the Northwest campus as well as more than 25 Maryville, Mo. businesses.


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