Caleb Volmer internship story

Caleb Volmer is a senior, Public Relations major. He currently holds the internship as the Marketing/Public Relations position for the University Wellness Center and has a wide variety of responsibilities. Caleb operates the Wellness Center’s social media pages, puts together social media promotion plans for events, writes and designs the in house newsletter, creates flyers for events, and is currently designing invitations for an upcoming veteran’s dinner.

Since this past week is National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness week, Caleb has been busy with multiple events hosted by the Wellness Center. He was responsible for writing the social media promotion plan for Facebook and Twitter, as well as designing bookmarks that had alternatives to drinking on them, which were passed out to students on campus during the week.

Thus far, Caleb mentioned that he believes this internship is helping prepare him for the future because of the variety of projects he works on and the responsibilities he holds. He states “I have been able to broaden my knowledge in the field of PR and I am able to also apply what I have learned over the years in my classes.” He made it very clear that he would recommend this internship to any other PR or Communications major.




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